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About Vail Valley Rolfing and Jeff Draper


Jeff Draper B.S. is a Certified Rolfer® and Cold Laser Therapist as well as a Personal Trainer. His background includes intensive study in the fields of sport and exercise science, nutrition, spinal biomechanics, Rolfing®, and Cold Laser Therapy. Utilizing a broad spectrum of treatment approaches, he specializes in relief from chronic pain conditions as well as post-rehabilitation from acute injuries, and performance enhancement.

Originally from Alaska, his lifelong interest in fitness, sports training and nutrition lead him to Colorado to pursue a degree in Sport and Exercise Science. After graduating from the University of Northern Colorado, he furthered his education at The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, CO where he studied Ida P. Rolf’s Method of systematic myofascial restructuring. His first introduction to Rolfing occurred when he was nine years old. During a routine screening for scoliosis, the school nurse noticed that he had an S-shaped spinal curvature. After trying several types of therapy unsuccessfully, a local Rolfer offered to work on his back to correct the problem. Astonishingly, after several sessions he had grown an inch in height and the scoliosis in his back had decreased significantly.

Now, twenty years after his first Rolfing session, his back is still straight and there has never been a problem.

My goal as a Rolfer is to alleviate chronic pain, restore balanced patterns of movement and return people to optimum levels of physical performance.”

Jeff with his wife Andrea and their son Jax.

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