Vail Valley Rolfing

Services we offer:


Cold Laser Therapy:

What to expect in your first session:

The first session involves a health history consultation as well as a postural and movement analysis. This session is really all about building rapport and familiarizing yourself with the Rolf method and philosophy. We sit down and talk about your current issue or what brought you to pursue Rolfing as a therapy approach and determine session goals and a general time frame in which to achieve those goals. For some issues or conditions it is realistic to expect that a single session might have a significant impact, while in other cases the traditional “10 Session Series” is the best and most logical approach.

What to wear to your first sessions:

First and foremost, it is important that you are comfortable standing in front of me in whatever you choose to wear. The postural and movement analysis are an integral component of Rolfing. It allows me to see areas of chronic strain, over-development or asymmetry. Men usually choose to wear athletic or boxer shorts, while most women choose to wear shorts and a sports bra, yoga pants or a two piece swimsuit. If you are not comfortable in that type of clothing, anything can work, but it is easiest to work with clothing that is loose fitting, so that I can access areas that need specific attention.

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